Adventures Suites’ Password Prize Wheel Creates Guest Interaction

Adventure Suites was “created with a cup of fun, a pound of adventure, a bunch of love and a sprinkle of magic”. The hotel, located in North Conway, New Hampshire features a variety of themed rooms, including Dragon’s Lair, Sugar Shack and the Cave.

The hotel interacts with guests through Facebook and the Prize Wheel. According to Kathy Brassill,

We post a “password” on FB each evening and the first guest that comes to the front desk and says the “password” gets to spin our FB Prize Wheel and win something from our gift shop.

It is different every night, thanks to the Prize Wheel. We made our own inserts and we are able to change them out ourselves as needed. It works great and our guests really enjoy the fun interaction with FB while they are staying with us.

You can see more of how Adventure Suites interacts with guests by taking a look at their Facebook page.

Look At This Prize Wheel Spin


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