Business Expo Spins into Cedar City

The Cedar City Chamber of Commerce Business Expo took place earlier this month at Main Street Park in Cedar City, Utah. The event allows businesses to attract new customers, build business and develop relationships by displaying their products and services at the event.

Seth Wilson spins the prize wheel at the Historic Cedar Theater.

The Historic Cedar Theater used the Prize Wheel to draw visitors to their booth. The theater rewarded spinners with “movie bucks”, free popcorn and car wash tokens during the event.

This is the eighth year the expo has taken place but only the second time it was held in the park.

Chamber of Commerce president, Scott Jolly said:

Being in the park has opened our ability to attract kids and families. Our slogan with the chamber is, ‘Where commerce and community meet.’ We would like to make the community aware that we are here for them.

Businesses and attendees seem to enjoy the outdoor setting.

“It’s an awesome, beautiful day. You can’t beat that,” said Chris Mackert, co-owner of Star Sign and Banner.

People want to be outside. In the summertime, no one wants to be inside. They want to be outside in the park.

About 3,000 people were expected to attend the two-day event, which was held on May 31 and June 1.


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