Can the Prize Wheel Be Used Outdoors?


The Prize Wheel will draw a crowd to your next festival, grand opening, sporting event or concert.

Check out the pics for some of our clients that have used the Prize Wheel outside.

Subway's Prize Wheel drew a crown at this 10K run.

A spinner is excited to spin at Body Glove’s 60th anniversary party.

Rain or shine... the Prize Wheel is still spinning.

Check out the line to spin at this tent at Palm Bay’s Splashes & Sparks.


How Many People Should I Expect to Spin the Prize Wheel? (VIDEO)

The number of people spinning your Prize Wheel will be directly related to the number of people attending you event. Everyone loves to win!

Check out the line of spinners Threadless Tees saw at the Pitchfork Music Festival.

Should I Choose a Table or Floor Prize Wheel?

When deciding on which prize wheel will meet your needs, one of the first things you should consider is if you would like to use the wheel on a tabletop or floor.

If you are fairly certain that you will always use your wheel on a table, then I would recommend a tabletop prize wheel. However, if you can envision a situation where you may have limited table space (or no table), I would recommend a Floor and Table Prize Wheel.

By inserting three extension legs (included with each Floor and Table Prize Wheel), the Prize Wheel is extended from a 41″ to 74″ tall. No additional hardware is needed. Each of the legs easily pop in to place.

Plus… the Floor and Table Prize Wheel is only $30 more than the Tabletop Prize Wheel. In my opinion… $30 well spent.